FAQS ON Pregnancy Massage 

Q: I am in my first trimester of pregnancy and another practitioner would not massage me. Why does Pregnancy Massage Center offer this service when others do not?

A: 85% of miscarriages occur in the first trimester of pregnancy. For liability reasons, many massage practitioners and most spas do not massage women in their first trimester. Unless otherwise advised by a doctor, massage during the first trimester is safe. We are specifically trained to assist you at all times during your pregnancy and the postpartum period.  

Q: I heard you shouldn't have your feet massaged when you are pregnant. Is that true?

A: Not true. Now more than ever your feet need relief from joint pressure and swelling. But there are acupressure points around the ankles and feet that, when actively and aggressively worked, can bring on contractions. This is handy during labor, but those specific places and techniques are carefully avoided until then. This is one of the many reasons to see a knowledgeable, pregnancy-certified therapist.

Q: Do I have to stop receiving massage close to my due date?

A: You may be relieved to know that in most cases it is safe (and beneficial!) to receive massage up to your due date and beyond. Many women schedule a session on their due date so they have something to look forward to if they have not yet gone into labor. A massage is a great way to prepare your body for the experience of giving birth. Women on bed rest should receive modified massage, (very light pressure on extremities and no abdominal massage) and you should always consult your doctor if you have special circumstances.

Q: Sometimes the skin on my belly feels so tight. Is it safe to have it massaged?

A: With proper technique and pressure levels, absolutely. By policy we do not massage abdomens in the first trimester. It is completely safe, as your uterus is still the size of a plum and protected by the bony structure of the pelvis. However, due to the high incident of miscarriage in the first trimester we avoid it because it tends to cause some anxiety, and the object of the massage is to reduce stress. After 12 weeks it is your option to request massage on your belly with light, circular strokes. This promotes skin elasticity and circulation to the general area. Especially in the third trimester, we like to think of it as baby's first massage. According to the mothers, they seem to like it very much!

Q: How often should I receive massage when I am pregnant?

A: Each woman and each pregnancy is different, so there is no standard answer for this question. If you are planning to use massage therapy as an integral part of your prenatal care we suggest once a month in the first trimester, twice a month in the second and third. If you are having a difficult pregnancy with back pain, sharp leg and hip pains or sleeplessness we recommend increasing your session to 1 1 /2 hours or coming once a week in the last trimester.

Q: Do you use a table or cushions that allow me to lay face down during a massage?

A: We do not use “Prego Pillows” or tables with holes for the belly. Our belief is receiving a massage with such items is counterproductive to why so many of you need a massage – to relieve back pain. We use special ergonomic cushions used to place you on your sides or semi-reclined so there is no pressure on the abdomen whatsoever, and the spine and surrounding muscles are able to relax. They are so comfortable many of our clients want to take them home!

Postpartum Massage

Q: How soon after delivery can I receive another massage?

A: In most cases, as soon as you like. We have given massages as soon as one hour after the birth of the baby, and it seems to make a real difference in postpartum recovery. Massage soon after delivery can aid recovery by increasing your circulation and cleansing toxins like lactic acid from your muscles (after all, you’ve just run the marathon of all marathons!) We like to be able to help as soon as possible, but realistically there are issues surrounding the logistics of childcare and feeding times. Although we do not provide childcare, you are welcome to bring a caregiver with you. Then you can receive your massage without worry, and feed your infant before or after your session. Women who have had a Cesarean-section usually need to wait a few weeks and bring written approval from their physician.

Office and Appointments

Q: What is you cancellation policy?

A: You will be charged the full amount for your appointment if you cancel within 4 hours of your scheduled appointment or do not show.  Giving birth is always an exception! We would request at least 24 hours, as that is the most considerate and respectful for us all, but we understand life happens.  All cancellations within the 24 hr period must be made by email (preferred) or phone message.There are always exceptions to this rule and we will deal with them on a case by case basis. We feel this policy allows for most emergencies, illnesses, and sitter issues to be dealt with in a courteous way.

Q: How do I talk to someone at the office (no one answers the phone)? 

A: We are a small office that does not have a receptionist so we rely on voicemail and email. Our therapists return phone calls and emails between appointments or at the end of the day. Please leave us a message or email as your business is important to us.